Oursson is a Swiss brand specialized in products for the kitchen and accessories. We want to make everyday families life easier and more pleasant. The core values of the brand are the beauty, style and optimum functionality of the products that are so easy to use. The Oursson AG company's specialists combines innovation, quality and price, relying on a simple principle: the consumer must always have access to high-quality products at a reasonable price. The products are easy to use, programming the Oursson cooking appliances is easy, intuitive and straightforward even for the most complicated food preparation processes. A special attention is given to the exclusive use of materials and technologies that preserves high quality consumer health and ecological environment. The marketing department of Oursson AG company and product management regulate the activity of the entire supply chain, including the retail. The product development is in line with market and customer requirements. Analysis of feedback helps product to constantly development. The company provides full logistic activities and quality control.

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