Ionut Andrei Paraschiv

Programare Financiar Manager


I help organisations by implementing tools that boost their productivity.

Experiență specifică pentru nișele: Financiar IT&C / Electro Servicii

Servicii oferite

Implementare Looker Studio (2300)
- Audit al surselor de date: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads
- Configurare conectori Google: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads
- Creare schelet raport
- Testarea unui set de date din fiecare sursa
- Configurare KPIs: Users, Sessions, Transactions, Avg. Purchase value, Pages / Sessions, Cart to view, Purchase to view, Traffic sources, Events, Conversions, Conversion rate, Purchase revenue, Average Order Value, Revenue per user
- Implementare feedback
- Training + prezentare "Modalitate de utilizare"
Implementare ClickUp (2400)
- configurare cont ClickUp
- configurare workspace, spaces, folders & lists
- configurare automatizari
- creare raport incarcare per user / client / proiect
- training utilizare

Implementare Pipedrive (2200)
- configurare cont Pipedrive
- configurare workflow
- configurare CRM Sales pipeline
- training utilizare + prezentare


Implementare ClickUp - Data Revolt Agency
- am creat si configurat contul de ClickUp al agentiei
- am creat si implementat un mod de lucru unitar la nivel de agentie
- am implementat automatizari care a simplificat modul de lucru al agentiei
- am implementat un CRM din care pot fi supervizate atat actiunile de retention ale clientilor existenti, cat si actiunile de hunting ale potentialelor lead-uri
Implementare ClickUp - eComMasters
- am creat si configurat contul de ClickUp al agentiei
- am creat si implementat un mod de lucru unitar la nivelul celor 3 ramuri ale agentiei: Direct Marketing, Content Marketing si Performance Marketing
- am implementat automatizari care au simplificat si optimizat modul de lucru al agentiei
- am oferit suport si training echipelor interne in urma implementarii

Implementare ClickUp - Ethos Advice
- am creat si configurat contul de ClickUp al agentiei de PR
- am creat automatizari care au simplificat modul de lucru al partenerilor agentiei
- am creat si implementat un mod de lucru unitar la nivel de agentie pentru a maximiza productivitatea
Implementare Jira - Samsung Electronics
- am creat si configurat contul de Jira al Samsung Electronics Romania
- am creat un mod de lucru unitar pentru departamentele de Marketing si FInanciar in care am implementat aplicatia
- am oferit suport si training in implementarea metodologiei Agile in cadrul companiei

Implementare Confluence - Samsung Electronics
- am creat si configurat contul de Confluence al Samsung Electronics Romania
- am creat de la zero un Knowledge base pentru departamentul de Marketing si cel Financiar
- am implementat un mod de lucru unitar asupra procedurilor de lucru (SOPs) din cadrul organizatiei
- am oferit suport si training echipelor interne care au utilizat aplicatia
Implementare QlikSense - Samsung Electronics
- am creat si configurat contul de QlikSense al Samsung Electronics Romania
- am creat rapoarte relevante pentru analiza actiunilor de Marketing ale companiei
- am oferit suport tehnic, analiza si training pentru echipele interne ce au utilizat aplicatia

Implementare politici Customer Experience - Orange Romania
- am implementat noi proceduri de lucru in Orange Romania menite sa creasca rata retentiei pentru clientii actuali
Coordonare implementare GA4 (Google Analytics 4) - Elegance - Decor Romania
- am supervizat cu succes migrarea de la Universal Analytics la GA4 a website-ului Elegance - Decor
- am coordonat cele trei echipe de furnizori care au luat parte la proiect: UX Agency, Sinaps, Optimize


Data Revolt Agency
During our collaboration, I was impressed by the professional way of working. Due to his organizational and time management skills, he can successfully complete any project. Also, he has the desire to improve himself and became better on his field of work. It is a pleasure to have him as a colleague.
Samsung Electronics
Ionut is a very good to have around colleague from any point of view. Apart from the fact that he is really funny, he is a smart guy and a quick learner. He is also very responsible, you can rely on him if there are problems to solve, but honestly what I was most impressed with was his drive and his passion for growth in his work, but also in his hobbies. He has a lot of energy and desire to succeed. I will gladly work with him again!
Orange Romania
Ionut and I worked together for almost 2 years, and I was lucky to call him my coworker. He consistentul gave 100 percent effort to the team and played a significant role in ensuring that we completed assignments on time.

He had excellent time management skills and had a knack for keeping everyone calm and productive during intense crunch periods. Any team would be lucky to have Ionut.
Orange Romania
Ionuț is open minded, empatic and oriented in finding solutions. He brings creativity to the team by thinking outside the box.
Data Revolt Agency
Having worked with Ionut for more than a year, I must say he is an excellent professional. He did an excellent job with the company's project management processes. I am impressed by his work ethic and communication skills. Plus, he easily adjusts to any given situation or business dynamics.
He is also looking constantly to self improve and improve the things around him.
I felt lucky to have him in my team!
Data Revolt Agency
One of the most driven people I’ve had the utmost pleasure to work with, and, above all, an exceptional human being.

If you need something done great or if you’re lacking motivation in any aspect, Ionuț is the man to call.

I consider myself lucky to have met you and I can only hope that you keep it going in the right direction, as you’ve always done.
Orange Romania
As his direct supervisor, I have been able to observe his exceptional communication skills, his work ethic, and his adaptability first hand, allowing me to use hhis as an example to the rest of my customer support team on how to provide our clients with the best support possible.
Samsung Electronics
While working with Ionut at Samsung he has always demonstrated a high level of technical expertise, analytical thinking and innovative approach.
By leveraging a wide suite of skills he achieved productive results and provides high quality work under pressure.
His motivation and self-confidence are attributes that guarantee you will enjoy working with him.
Samsung Electronics
Ionut is a bright young professional with an eye for technology and innovation. During his time at Samsung, he displayed good business acumen and high proactivity in dealing with tasks of all kinds. Ionut is one to get involved and search for solutions even though there are none in sight.
It was a pleasure to manage him and he contributed to the team significantly by being open and optimistic, while also offering to help. He is a great team player and always ready to step in.
Ionut is also a fast learner and works well under pressure, having proved his abilities to adapt and communicate with different stakeholders as needed. I would not hesitate to recommend him and I believe he would make an impact on any team he might be part of.
Samsung Electronics
Ionut is very talented, innovative, solution oriented and trustworthy. It was a pleasure having him in our team.
Orange Romania
What I saw and appreciated a lot at Ionut is a big desire to learn and progress, the ambition to evolve and the courage to try new things, skills with which I am convinced that he will be able to do great things in life.
Samsung Electronics
Fast learner and team player, he is also the colleague I can always count on.
Orange Romania
Ionut is a very skillful person, no matter the topic. He likes to learn, discover the different layers of knowledge regarding his area of work. He does not stop at knowing what to do, he likes to get to the bottom of things, to know better what to do and how to help when the next issue appears.
Orange Romania
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September 29, 2020, Razvan Andrei worked with Ionuț on the same teamSeptember 29, 2020, Razvan Andrei worked with Ionuț on the same team
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Ionuț was a great professional to work with.
His work ethichs is immaculate and so easy to work together with.
One of the best people to work with. Will always make you work harder and become better.
I'd definitely work with him again, if I got the chance.

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