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cognitiveSEO and Brandmentions are looking for someone that will be prepared to jump in and join the battle for the best SEO and Social Listening toolsets.

You’ll be joining a small expert team of 14 hard-working, fun-loving people who may feel the need to swear or jump as they deliver top-notch work. Our Iasi office is an open and collaborative environment where a good work-life balance is just a part of how we do things.

Here’s what you’ll be doing


You will be a key member of the marketing and support team, helping us spread the word about cognitiveSEO and BrandMentions (our soon to launch social listening tool). You will work with the Digital Marketing Team to develop compelling content for the cognitiveSEO and BrandMentions blogs as well as various other publications in the industry.

On a day to day basis, you will brainstorm ideas, write content, learn new things, work with the toolsets and understand our customer mindset by responding to support tickets. You will be trained to master SEO and Social by some of the best specialists.

You should …


  • Be a Woman/Man of your word … it just won’t work if you aren’t!
  • Have a real Passion for Writing & Marketing and be a real good story teller …
  • Have strong communication skills so we can easily understand each other 🙂
  • Have Excellent English skills so that you can write amazing content.
  • Have a real desire to learn new things!

We might LOVE you even more if:

  • You already know Content Marketing and SEO.
  • You’ve worked as a Journalist or have writing experience.
  • You speak English really well.
  • You don’t need to be micro-managed all the time.

6 reasons why you’d want to work with us:


1. You want to play a big part in a young, growing & profitable company.
2. You get paid well and on-time because we appreciate quality work and we value fairness.
3. You can work on flexible hours as long as you do your job.
4. You do your best in a setting where excellent work is what’s valued—not long hours. (A good work-life balance is just how it should be.)
5. You’ll work with relaxed & smart people allowing you to put your creativity at test and your ideas at work.
6. You’ll be continuously trained by your team members and your ideas will always be welcomed.
About cognitiveSEO and BrandMentions


cognitiveSEO started out from the passion for Search Engine Optimization and from the real need that many people had in certain areas of SEO, that were not completely or correctly fulfilled by other software platforms. The company started the development of this toolset in early 2010 and it already celebrated it’s 5’th year anniversary since it started selling the product online.

We are a SaaS (software as a service) company, meaning that we take care of each and every customer for each and every month that they pay for.

cognitiveSEO is also part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in the year 2015 with an Astonishing 419% Growth. (more here cognitiveseo dot com /blog/9854/deloitte-technology-fast-50-welcomes-cognitiveseo/)

At cognitiveSEO we have a NO.BS mentality, meaning that we do not care for those kind of “empty things“ and we appreciate valuable people as they should be. We are not in a RAT-RACE for authority or fake appreciation but we are striving to solve real people’s problems with our solutions. Here, You will be able to develop the skills that are the most important to you in order to really succeed professionally.

The BrandMentions Startup is our soon to launch Social Listening tool. In the past year we’ve tested the concept as an MVP and the feedback was really good. The commercial tool is going to launch soon and you will be part of the team that is going to prepare the launch for this Start-up.

Remember … Most Big things were made with Small & Smart Teams!

Our main office is located in Iasi and we would love to have you working on-site. We won’t exclude you, though, if you are a really smart person 😉 and aren’t located in Iasi. You can work remotely!

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