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Publicat la: 12.09.2017 | Expiră la: 27.10.2017

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We are looking for a Digital Account or Performance Specialist to coordinate, track, optimize and re-imagine the digital marketing actions & campaign across all channels, screens and formats. To do this we have stellar external collaborators and toy around with the coolest digital apps such as Google Analytics 360, Form Analytics,‎ Heatmaps, DoubleClick, GTM, CRO, A/B, Programmatic & Native Ads, Onboarding and Customer Engagement apps, Infographics.

The ideal candidate is a digital professional skilled in using digital tools to aid setting KPIs, planning, reporting, testing, optimizing, evaluating and presenting performance results.

You will work on and all the new platforms meant to keep the customers informed and engaged. We keep a close eye on the performance of the actions and monitor everything that counts. We are looking for someone who is analytical but also creative, and can make quick, smart decisions.

Do you love helping build brilliant customer journeys across all marketing channels?

Here are some responsibilities:

·        Help build and support all digital marketing efforts for

·        Provide a helping hand when launching a mix of digital marketing channels

·        Understand every aspect of our digital business growth and provide a stellar experience to visitors

·        Track & report data strategy, actions and technology for digital marketing success actions

·        Work with product, sales & other marketing teams within the business (brand, demand generation, social) to create impactful campaigns

·        Collaborate with partners in order to organize the entire process of a campaign, from the beginning till it’s completion

·        Track, report & offer support to the digital marketing actions to consolidate and improve digital experience

·        Uses opinion, attitudinal & behavioral research as a foundation for all digital marketing actions

·        Ensures that an optimized digital marketing action is in place at the right time to ensure reach sales objectives

·        Collaborates with the relevant functions to plan and execute the delivery of tradeshows

·        Support the day-to-day operations and guide teams by communicating priorities

·        Understanding activation & retention of all behavior patterns

·        Create a strong communication and relation with all parts

·        Help the team brainstorm and develop marketing assets

Ajută un prieten și spune-i despre acest job.

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